TH. Honest Confession

15. august 2013 at 17:06 | Dan |  voice heart´s

With the Monsoon you came to us
With scream you showed us power
We found you at last moment

You made us stand on our feet
Saved us from uniformality
Thanks to you we´re personalities

Before that we were different
We were like children and every day was grey
Life without laugh and happiness
Our eyes were full of misery

Believe in yourself
Believe in your dreams
Don´t be afraid to be yourself
Live your life to the fullest
You have learnt us this

You´re accosted our hearts, as no one else
And engrave until them forever

People han´t like us
They laughed at us for you
We were stupid
Laughtable and crazy children for them
Children which your music passes lates us
(You´re not disease)
In the souls They wished it
But "FUCK OFF" we showed them proudly

We still stand behind you
Now thousands of times stronger
Nothing can discourage us
Nothing can stop us on our way
Cause we are not alone anymore

With you, we can forget people that beset us
With you our problems disappear for a moment

Thanks to you, our stories become one
Tokio Hotel family we are the now
We hope that your fount will flaw forever
And this kind will never die

Already for 8years, you are playing for us
And we still sing with you

We all belong to each other
You´re the big part of us
Even thought you´re far away
our souls remain with you...

When we see you finally
We ŕe not breathing, we ŕe not thinking
The feelings are doing with us what they want
We are sorry
That we are sometimes like detached from the chains

This is was our honest confession
When god asks us at the last court
What we likeed the most on the earth
We scream out loud

"Boys from Tokio Hotel, music that have us HOPE"

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1 emma emma | Web | 16. august 2013 at 23:53 | React

Nadhera skus im to poslat do tej sutaze mozno vyhras... :-)

2 Mishell Mishell | Web | 20. august 2013 at 18:26 | React

zlatiak <333333

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